Cast bulletts for the apocalypse

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    I was in a conversation yesterday about what bullets would be best for the post apocalypse world here are my thoughts
    In any mid to long term event ammo and reloading supplies will be in High demand and short on stock. I have on hand a stock of lead that cost me nothing out of pocket as I collect scrap metals and trade it to the scrap yard for lead this allows me to stock pile powder, primers and brass. Now as to cost per round for my 30-06 about .21 cents per round, for my .45 auto .06 cents a round 12 gauge about 13 cents a round. As to hunting and defense / offensive uses, everything I have hunted has been shot with a cast bullet / slug never had to fire more than once. the new york police used a 158 grain swc in the .38/ .357 magnum for years. I know I will get flamed/nuked for these ramblings so let me get my fire proof britches on.

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