Charleston SC 12/7 Meet

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    Saturday Dec 7 at a restaurant in the Charleston area. PM me if you are interested please.

    We hold a meet and greet the first Saturday of each month in Charleston SC.

    Our goal is a network to help each other. Some of us are experienced in first aid, canning, food storage, construction, water purification, home security etc..

    We want to be able to help each other with the skills we have.

    As one in our group stated so well in my opinion “would you rather barter and share with a stranger, or someone you know”?
    I can not imagine what an UNprepper neighbor could offer/barter me for some rice (a bracelet?), nor do I want them to know I have enuf to share as they may “spread the word” !

    If you are a new or experienced prepper we would be happy to meet you!

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