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    (I wasn’t sure where to post this so putting in National News .. imagine Canada and others may be impacted too tho.)

    FDA just announced a potentially massive recall of salad dressing, chip dip, soup mixes and other “ready to eat” foods made with a commonly used food additive called hydrolyzed vegetable protein that may be contaminated with salmonella. HVP is used in thousands of foods that, once added, have not gone through a “validated kill process.”

    So far it has not been linked to any illness and currently presents a low risk, but salmonella could kill the very young, the elderly or people with weak immune systems. All contaminated HVP came in paste and powder form from Basic Food Flavors Inc. in Las Vegas. Its first known tainted lot was produced in September.

    The FDA suggests checking its voluntary recall list for ready-to-eat products that used HVP from contaminated facility. But keep in mind the list grows each day. “We expect it to get larger over the next several days to several weeks,” said Jeff Farrar, the FDA’s associate commissioner of food safety.

    (note from j: Realize a lot of you store natural home-grown food stuffs but pls consider checking cupboards and stored supplies for HVP in bouillons, snacks, dressings, stuffings, etc included in list .. and check back since recall’s gonna get bigger. )

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