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    Hello from New Jersey. I was very pleasantly surprised to find such an active board of “preppers.” I’m sure there is an awful lot to learn here and I hope you all don’t mind the occasional “dumb question.”

    Like many here, I think I share at least a general sense that things are “going the wrong way” and our traditional institutions (govt, business, social) are ill equiped to deal w/ our new reallity. So I’m just a guy who wants to do whatever I can to help myself, my family, and my local community. Most of my friends and neighbors don’t seem to share my concerns — or at least don’t seem interested in doing anything about it. It is nice to find an online community that does.

    I’ve done little in terms of material preparations. My current supplies are pretty meager, but I put in my first vegetable garden last year and had a bit of success w/ that. I’ve learned canning can be quite a production the first time out — I hope it gets easier w/ practice! I’ve got some technical aptitude (engineer), but not much practical experience w/ things I think might be useful (necessary?) in the future. I can do a little woodworking and I’m teaching myself to weld. I changed my own hot water heater this year because I thought it would be a good experience to have. I can butcher a deer and clean fish if I need to, but don’t see those skills as particularly useful in a state as densely populated as this one.

    There is still so much more to learn and even more to do. I thank you all in advance for whatever guidance / motivation you can provide!


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