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    First off let me start by saying that there is no single “perfect all around weapon” that will cover all the bases ( self defense, hunting, tactical etc) that being said the following post is just my humble opinion. The first weapon ANYONE should have to start a gun collection should be a 12ga. Pump Action Shotgun. Think of a shotgun as the sport utility vehicle of the firearms world, with the capability of being able to switch barrel lengths and styles (smooth bore or rifled) and the many different types of shot-shells (small game/bird, turkey, buckshot and slug/rifled slug) it as close as it gets to having a weapon that can do it all. The Remington Model 870 and the Mossberg Model 500 are the two most popular and have what seems to be an infinite amount of accessories to turn them into whatever style of shotty you are looking for. I’m a big fan of the 870 as this is the weapon I was trained on in the military but the Mossberg is an excellent product as well. As a matter of fact Mossberg recently introduced their FLEX line of shotguns which incorporates a tool-less locking system which enables the shooter to switch platforms (hunting, sporting, home defense, tactical) in a matter a minutes. It literally is multiple weapons in one with quick change out of barrel sizes, grip, forend and buttstock styles and it doesn’t require a trip to the gunsmith to do so. With a simple twist of a button you can go from a feild barrel with a full size stock to a tactical barrel and adjustable buttstock or pistol grip comfiguration. I do not own one of these revolutionary shotguns but I’m drooling to check one out!

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