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    I have a couple of shirts I have accidentally spilled bleach down the front of – and was thinking instead of demoting them to camping shirts I would just re-dye them. So while at the store I got to thinking…..why not stock up on some clothing dye? With very little effort I could change my wardrobe (which right now screams “Hey bad guys! Cute girl over here! Mug me! or better yet “Aim Here!”) from bright pretty colors to a slightly less noticeable color pallet. Browns, blacks, and grays are easy. So I picked up some extra – after all they were on sale.

    I got some of the ‘cold water’ dyes and some of the regular stuff. The cold water dye might be handy if there is no hot water available. I tried to stick with powered dyes as it takes up less room. I also picked up some poly dye (as regular rit says it will not dye polyester, nylon yes, polyester no). Most of the dye doesn’t ever require that much water – just enough to soak the clothing in.

    For those that recommend not buying bright colored clothing to begin with I say :p – I try to enjoy life while I can, like having fun clothes practical but pretty too. Dying gives me the option to change my mind later.

    Just thought I would share yet another item to prep up on. Maybe more for girls than guys – but who knows? Maybe you’re a bright color guy.

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    This is really such a GREAT idea! I’ve been reading the 2nd book in the Lights Out series, and one of the things mentioned a couple of times was the worn out look of clothing. Dying something would really give it new life!


    I dyed all my black faded jeans more black with Rit dye – it lasted about 3 washes…

    I bought some Procion dye for the next try but haven’t gotten around to it yet.


    Never done this myself, but I have read some books that talked about the dyeing process and there needs to be another step after dyeing to fix the color…term to search for is mordant.

    Ah, found an article about this topic that might help:


    My mom is 79. She use to talk about dying her clothes a shade darker each time as they faded. 1 top or skirt would be several colors by the time it was worn out.

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