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    If you grab your trusty Coleman lantern and it won’t pump up, the fix is probably pretty simple. The pump works because of a series of leather bushings. If the bushings dry out, the pump will fail to work. No matter how hard or fast you pump, you won’t be able to use the lantern. It takes compressed air for the lantern to work. The pump is held in place by a metal half ring. Just move the half ring and the entire pump will easily come out of the lantern. Soak the pump in some oil. Just about any kind will do. The oil or lubricant provides a seal. Wipe the excess off and the pump will most likely pump again.
    If the leather bushings have major edge wear, the entire pump will most likely have to be re-placed. Walmart usually carries the pumps. They are not that expensive compared to the cost of a new lantern.

    By the way, I was at Walmart the other day. They have an adaptor that will convert your Coleman gas stove to a propane stove. The adaptor was
    around $18.00. This is much less than a new stove.

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