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    Bubba J

    Hello all. I thought I’d start a topic on comfort foods eaten during a disaster. It seems that the most common definition of comfort food is something familiar to us such as mac & cheese or candy. I remember reading awhile back that people would rather starve than to eat the same thing every day and that it’s best to have a variety in order to make a disaster more bearable. That got me thinking of a few ideas. I assume the variety of food would also include our drinks. To me, if people would rather starve than eat the same food over and over, then they’d also rather not drink plain water over and over. So let’s begin with drinks. Please note: I’m not promoting any product listed here. I’m just using them as an example.

    1) Soft Drinks. There’s an item out there called the SodaStream that allows people to make their own sodas. From what I’ve read from the site, the sodas have less sugar and sodium than commercially bought soda as well as no high fructose corn syrup. I’m sure most Preppers wouldn’t store soft drinks for several reasons. For me it would be due to a lack of available space and that I don’t drink much of it anyway. But there would be many uses for a bottle of soda, including barter. I’m sure plenty of people out there would trade for soda simply because they’ve become addicted to it. Of course, the SodaStream would be useless if the power is out.

    2) Drink Mixes. There’s a bunch of drink mixes on the market, but I’m only going to focus on two of them. The 1st is Tang. An 8oz glass of it contains several vitamins, including 100% of vitamin C. During any long term disaster, we could be faced with illnesses brought about by a lack of sanitation. Not from your average Prepper mind you, but from the surrounding area. One only has to look at pictures of the aftermath of Katrina to see how quickly sanitation can become a problem. So the vitamins in Tang can help us to fight off infections. The 2nd item is Metamucil. Yeah, I can hear the protests now: “Ugh, Metamucil is for old people.” Not so my young padawan. The way I see it, a disaster could force us to eat foods low in fiber which could result in poor digestion. It’s not as though we could run to the local grocery store for a loaf of wheat bread. With Metamucil we could get plenty of fiber and keep ourselves healthy.

    Speaking of bread, that brings me to:

    1) Bread Machines. Now, I’d rather have my own brick oven to make bread, but for those who own a bread machine could use it to make specialty breads. To me, a loaf of cinnamon & raisin bread would definitely be a comfort food. Add wheat to the mixure and you’d have fiber and antioxidants.

    2) Candy. I’ve read a lot of posts about storing hard candy and that got me thinking about alternates. There are candy-like items out there called “Coldeeze (zinc), VitaPops (vitamins), and Ricola (herbs & vitamin c)”. All of those would help in fighting off a cold, especially if a disaster has shut down all pharmacies…assuming they haven’t already been looted. Even though they aren’t considered real candy, I think the brain would accept them as such and satisfy any need for sugary sweets.

    3) Ice Cream Machine. Ummm…Chocolate chunk ice cream. ‘Nuff said. 🙂

    Well, that’s all I can think of right now. I’m interested in what you all think. What would you change or add?

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