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    If you’re going to be making “Family Cloths”, you may as well go all the way and make a composting toilet. Here are three commercial models:

    EnviroletĀ® Systems:

    Nature’s Head Composting Toilet:

    Here are some links to making your own composting (sawdust) toilet. The key to getting the toilet not to stink is using sawdust, or some other fine organic material. Sawdust will cover and absorb any odors in the toilet, as well as aid in the composting. Another thing to help is to put a fan venting to the outside right in the toilet, which you turn on before you sit down and turn off after you’ve done and closed the lid. Here’s an article about making one:

    How to make and use a sawdust toilet:

    The material can be composted and used with your garden, HOWEVER, if you want to use it to fertilize food, you MUST use thermophilic composting. This is where the compost heap MUST reach at least 100F (40C), with 122F (50C) or 140F (60C) being better; and it must stay at this temperature for a couple of days. This will ensure all the pathogens are destroyed. If your compost heap doesn’t reach these temperatures, use the result to fertilize your flowers, trees, and shrubs, but NOT your lettuce and carrots.


    Humanure Sanitation: (Note: this is a PDF file — lots of useful information.)

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