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    I’ve been prepping for several years now but not as something that I am whole hearted about. After Sandy, I was safe, I had no major loss, and even held electricity. With Irene I lost power but still had minimum damage.
    Well, Since those storm I have moved… I have a great yard, great storage, but located directly on a highway. I have worries about my placement and visibility not just by those looking to come in force if they see something useful but the ‘governments’ (i.e. foreign or martial) who have an unnecessary glimpse at my day to day life if they pass.
    Other than that, someone who I could ask a ton of questions to or even connect with a little bit about food, organization, bugging out, bugging in, etc. I’m eager to hear other’s personal opinions on topics and although ever person and situation is different the main concept is the same.

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