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    Let us take a few minutes to contemplate who we are, what we want, where we are going and how we are going it get there.

    Who we are is a diverse group of people worried about the future for our selves and those closest to us. Most of us have come to the (I think rightful) conclusion that WE are the persons most able and with the most interest to try to plan for X happening. Now X goes beyond the usual personal tribulations that happen daily, we can take care of those through societies and personal safety nets. No X is a situation in which the safety nets disappear for a large number of people in a short amount of time. Some Xs maybe transitory as the area in which they happen is small and help from outside the X area will be forth coming. However the big Xs exist and this is the problem.

    What we want is the means, whether with material or mental (intellectual and psychological) preparations, to mitigate the Xs we see as possibly affecting us. Each of us knows a number of possible Xs and big Xs that could happen. There are so many Xs out there (some are local, some regional and some global) that to try to detail out plans for each is in my opinion impossible. Each of us much decides the form, substance and depth of our preparations keeping in mind that the old saying “No man is an island” still holds true today.

    Determining where we are going deals with awareness, research, imagination and analysis. As I stated before there are many Xs we are aware of but between Mother Nature and mankind there is always new ones popping up. Researching how they happen and their effects will give us a good idea of how that particular X will affect us. Research does not mean just the X itself, but goes into possible aftereffects of the X both on our selves and society. This includes the use of fictional Xs as well as historic Xs. Don’t forget to research how people lived everyday lives in historic times (with the modern day distribution of knowledge and goods I believe unless the X is of an almost supernatural or ELE scope the furthest back we would regress would be the early 1800s). Imagination is important as it allows us to what if a situation, the only warning on this is if you what if the situation too much. Analysis of all this will start to give us an idea of our weaknesses and strengths when it comes to dealing with the Xs.

    How do we get there? Good question. Each of us has abilities and liabilities that will both help and hinder what we need to do. My suggestion is to start with a small X, a what happens if. Figure out what you need as a bare minimum (and make it bare minimum need) to get through that particular X. Then work on alternatives to provide those needed things. Two good examples would be a tropical storm with loss of power for the Golf and Southeast states or a blizzard for the northern tier states. What do you really need for say 72 hours? I can’t say what the needs are for a tropical storm but with a blizzard I need heat in my house. The fireplace and wood burner would work but if the natural gas is still flowing and I can power the furnace I’d rather do that. I wouldn’t need the refrigerator or the freezer and lights I have alternates for, so that’s it, just the furnace (I’m on city water and they have backups, if I had a well I’d consider that too but could divert my power source to that for a short time). Next go on to another small X. continue with the Xs increasing in severity and duration. After a while the solutions begin to dovetail together and you find that you can work on some of then concurrently or seasonally.

    In the end what is the aim. For me it is not just surviving an X but to do it as a civilized human being, being able to thrive even if at a lower technological level then the present and to have the abilities to help my descendents rebuild civilization. I am an ant, not a grasshopper.

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