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    OK, here is the name of a cookbook that is PERFECT for using foraged foods, including meats and edible wild plants.

    “Gourmet Cooking for Free” by Bradford Angier. on the “meat” side of the equation, besides Big Game and fowl (turkey, ducks, pheasants, etc, even crow), there are also some recipes for um…”other” meats, that while we might not CHOOSE to eat them NOW, if we’re in a situation that you’ll eat whatever you can find, you might find useful. Some of the “other” meats that there are recipes for include rabbit, (not as off the wall) ,squirrel, opossum, woodchuck, (AKA “groundhog”), porcupine, raccoon, muskrat, frog legs, and even cougar! Fish and shellfish recipes are also included, as are recipes for edible wild plants.

    If you can’t find the book and want a recipe for a particular “wild edible” let me know and I’ll post it.

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