cooking with wood in your backyard

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    We got the front yard covered in another post, I thought why not go to the back yard:)
    Every morning I walk in the parc with my dog and I saw that they are getting some trees out (this park is a vivid homo meeting place during the night and friday afternoons). The government is not doing much about that, besides not letting the trees and bushes get to close so you can see ppl ‘hiding’. I know, I always train in that parc (my dog school is there) and when we were practising sending your dog away from you, to call him back again, all of a sudden there were men growing out of the long grass. What they saw was a line up with ppl with nasty dogs:)

    Sorry, got side tracked. While walking this morning I was thinking it would be a good idea to practise my wood cooking skills (which I don’t have:) and ask for some wood. I am new to dutch oven cooking, but it would be fun to learn how to cook on wood. Also, a couple of days before I was thinking what I could do if there were no heat. I live in a house to house situation (neighbours everywhere:)).
    In my next house I truly want a wood stove. In these newly build houses I live in you don’t have anything but gas for your kitchen stove.
    So 2 questions:
    1. what can i do in this situation when heat is out?
    2. what kind of ‘thing’ can I use to cook on wood outside? It need to be movable because I will be moving in the near future (send me some prayers and positive thoughts:) I googled wood fired oven, but I didn’t find anything movable.

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