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    I have a couple of questions and didn’t really find a thread that I thought addressed these. I decided to ask these questions in one post for the sake of convenience. If there is another thread on any of these topics that I missed, please just post a link to it. I apologize in advance if I am asking a question that has been asked/answered.

    1. What is the value of these commercial food storage alternatives you see on TV like Wise Food Storage. Are they worth the money? Can you trust their claim that their food lasts for 25 years?

    2. Is there a prepper’s recipe/cookbook? I usually buy according to what I want to make/eat. I don’t want to just store up things like rice and beans and not have a way to make them appetizing. Even in a situation when you are having to use what you have stored, you want the food to taste good, you know? It would be nice to have a cookbook that assembles everything together in one place so have an idea what kinds of ingredients to have on hand to make the food you store, good to eat as possible.

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