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    As we all watch the news in Haiti, I’m sure we’re all grateful it isn’t where we are. I think the hardest part of getting prepared is our survival mindset. Not everyone has the instinct to survive. The first few hours after the SHTF are the most critical, both for saving lives and for getting your “gear” operational…your survival shelter, food, water, medical care, etc. Down time could be critical I think.

    For that purpose, I’ve purchased an item I haven’t seen anyone here mention. It’s called 5HTP. It’s a food supplement that is the seratonin precourser. That means if you are low in seratonin, your body can instantly make it from the supplement. It is a natural mood enhancer that is available with the vitamins just about everywhere. If someone is crying, a dose of 5HTP stops that in about 20 min (based on my experiments). I recommend you all buy up as much of it as you can because EVERYONE will need it for a couple weeks until you get the new routine going.

    I’d like everyone to add their two cents in this thread…suggestions for coping after it happens. If you have ideas for getting the survival mindset…I’m sure we all want to hear them!

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