Dangerous times

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    My wife and I recently watched a movie in which Adulf Hitler time travels to 2014-2015 Germany. It was meant to be a spoof and a joke. It brought up a lot of points that would allow a person with the ideals of the third reich come back to power. I don’t have the title off hand but will add later. The world is seeing a perfect storm for another f├╝rhrer. I hope this never happens here.
    Also I see an internal conflict growing. Americans will have to bring its beloved country and construction back from what I see as far left democrat socialist and Muslim extremest. Not just on an ideal level but actual violence that the ones who are supposed to protect us are allowing it to happen. We need to refuse and resist giving up our rights because the hate them. I like to believe we are all good people in this world but I will not bit beat down because of my values.
    Any way maybe just a little rant.

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