Dehydrated spinach today, pics

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    Our 8′ x 4′ spinach patch is about to bolt so we picked most of what was left. We picked about a laundry basket full and after blanching for 2 minutes ended up with just enough to fill 8 dehydrator trays with a little left over. I used one of those plastic sandwich boxes to hold the left over blanched spinach and will freeze it. It turns out that little box is about the same size as a store bought box of frozen spinach.

    I have learned something today. It would take acres of fresh spinach to dry enough for a year and considering the time to germinate, plant, water, fertilize, pick, blanch, dehydrate & store…it would be better to eat the fresh spinach fresh and buy frozen spinach to dehydrate.

    I used the cooled down water from the blanching to water my house plants as it is full of iron etc. I chopped the stems and put them in the compost bin. Nothing went to waste.

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