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    Wife and I went to see this, I think the directors/producers did a great job trying to present each side of the story. Was not one sided, in my opinion. It did portray some LEO, National guard as bad but certainly not all. Same with the African Americans. The movie used actual news footage and reports too.

    Some thoughts that came to mind while watching-

    1. Why the heck did these people stay in an area where rioting was happening- nothing God was going to happen- as demonstrated by the movie- don’t want to blame the victims but at the same time treating the situation as a potential life endangering incident and leaving the area verses going to party might have been a better course of action.

    2. If rioting breaks out you better have the gas, guns/ammo, food, etc that you need since the governor restrict the sale of many items during the rioting. All stores were targets of looting (some black shop owners where spraying “Soul Brother” on their stores in the hopes that the rioters didn’t target their stores.

    3. Even if you don’t participate in the riot you can still get caught up in it regardless of which “side” you are on.

    4. I kept thinking is this film going to increase the potential for violence give the current protesting/rioting that is taking place? At some points the movie, in my opinion, sort of provided “hints” to future rioters like “don’t burn your own neighborhood”.

    We went on early on Friday afternoon and besides the wife and I there was only one elderly black gentleman watching it. How sad since I think it had a good history lesson of all people.

    Definately worth seeing.

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