Deutsche Bank – will it make people think?

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    I’m just wondering if anyone is really listening and considering what would happen if Deutsche Bank will be the first card to fall. When I say ‘anyone’ I don’t mean the people on this forum, as I’m sure most of us here have indeed considered it. Are people watching the news right now and wondering…..hmmm, I wonder what would happen if my bank were closed. More likely they are thinking…..I’m so glad I don’t use Deutsche Bank so I’ll be fine, without considering the ramifications. Sadly I’m thinking most folks are thinking the latter. I’m hoping that just maybe someone who has never considered a bank collapse will think through this possibility. Although, if too many did, there would be a run on the banks here. Thus far that’s not happening, so my hopes of people waking up are not looking so great.

    I would think that what happened with Cyprus would have been enough to wake people up to the possibilities of what happened in the Great Depression era. It has already happened in our American history and people just don’t think it will ever happen again! 😮 FDIC/NCUA deposit insurance is only backed by our broke government….so it’s just empty promises. I’m just amazed that societal norms are so strong that people can’t or don’t think through ‘worst case’ scenario moments. But then again, maybe they don’t think it through because they can’t bring themselves to deal with it? I think it all comes down to the blind trust that people have that the ‘powers that be’ will make sure bad things won’t happen. :shakeno: I’m just amazed that the hatred for our leaders is so prevalent but the trust that nothing bad will happen is still there……a total disconnect.

    It looks like Deutsche will get a bailout, so I’m sure nobody will even give this a second thought. We really are living on the edge of a sword.
    When will people finally realize that those locks on the doors of banks can and will keep them away from THEIR money?

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