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    I kinda short on money right now, but I still want to prep, so ive been considerng getting some stuff from the dollar store. I just not sure what stuff to focus on there, what would you get if you didnt have that much money and had to get supplies at a dollar store? I did find some cool little self heating things that you can use to cook food on, I havent picked up any of them though. So what do you think I should get, food, medical supplies, or is there something else that youve found at a dollar store that is a good prep?


    went to dollar tree store and i was amazed found small solar pathway marker lights there..they were of course $1 each they look like the $3 ones at wally single led and a little cone shaped reflector at the bottom, good enough to be night lights when the power goes off.. i bought 10 of them so i now have 18 pathway solar lights..i also found something at big lots which im not sure of..they had some rechargeable batteries that were called NIZM supposed to be better for the envirement but what got me was they are listed as 1.5 watts of not up on some things but im thinking that 1 watt is more than 2000 MW ..if not please educate me..when the tax return comes in im going to HF and going nuts, i already have the sales bill marked and ready..


    Roaming the isles of the Dollar Store, I kept seeing stuff that would be great for a beginner prepper. Here’s my list of 10 things I saw in a dollar store that would make a good starter kit.

    In no particular order

    Polyester rope
    Duct tape
    Plastic drop cloth
    Mini-first aid kit
    Pop Tarts
    Bottled Water

    Of course the dollar store has so many other goodies, like dust masks, gloves, glow sticks, and tools, it’s hard to choose the 10 things that are best.

    What 10 dollar store items would you put in a kit for new preppers?


    Mom dragged me off to the mall, she wanted to hit target and the dollar store. So I went with her to target, got a big honking sterilite container, seeds of stevia, chamomile and sage, a 3lb dumbel on sale for 30% off, command hooks, trial size hand sanitizer and gold bond powder, coffee, a french press because my last one broke, coffee filters, my favorite noodle bowl (normal price 2.99 at target, 3.99 at price chopper. 4.99 at big Y and stop and shop, price at target reduced to 2.49.) a compass with a neck lanyard, a large method dish soap refill, and last but not least, a bottle of mio water enhancer (meant to mask the aftertaste of treated water, be it by bleach or by water purification tab,) travel size bottle for keeping bleach in (can’t remember who suggested I keep that).

    Then ma needed a couple of things from the dollar store, so I plucked up some prep items for 1.09 each. 3 skeins of yarn, 2 coils of rope, 1 ball of twine, two packages of unscented tapers, a set of mini precision screwdrivers, a package of matches (320 count divided into boxes of 32), package of cinnamon sticks, 2 itty bitty honey bears, whistle, box of trash bags, poly tarp, box of duct tape, one mouse trap and one rat trap.

    Well, there was an exotic pet store between us and the bus stop that had just opened up, fish, amphibians, reptiles, a couple of parrots in the windows, anemones, hermit crabs, ghost shrimp, feeder shrimp, feeder fish. It was basically a small business supply shop for fish keepers, reptiles and amphibians. There, I got to sit down with a 2 and a half year old snake, a young, pink and white, male snake with pink eyes (the reptile person at the store told me his age and that he was a he.) His tongue was flickin out all over and he coiled up and down my arm, so he seemed to be studying his surroundings real close.

    And on my way out, I see this tiny plastic container with a beta fish in it. The container was cramped, he /looked/ like the close quarters had hurt his poor fins because they looked bent at odd angles. The container was leaking, I’ve never seen a more miserable fish. NEVER in my life. Gettting him home was a bit hectic, but Mister Beta (a pun on Mister Data), perked up all bright and bushytailed when he got just a mason jar full of water, a tiny lucky bamboo plant, and a nice quiet shelf by the window. All he really needed was to stretch his fins and not be jostled around by the bus. Got the fish and the food for ten dollars. *beams* Of course, a fish is no substitute for a rabbit, or a dog, both of which I’d rather have, but Betas only live for about two years and they’re low maitenence, low space demand. And Mister Beta just looks so improved from that tiny cramped cup.


    I stopped by my local Dollar Tree store today and discovered that they currently have Campbell’s soups – Cream of Mushroom, Cream of Chicken, Tomato, Chicken Noodle and French Onion all the 33% larger sized cans all for only $1 each. I got a case of each. The expiration dates are for 2014 which really surprised me. I totally expected them to be close to expiring. Not that it would matter to me much but it seems to me that sometimes the items they have are close to their expiration dates.

    Along the aisle I noticed a flyer hanging on a shelf. It explained how you can order case lots from their online site
    What a great way to get some bargains. I checked it out and there are loads of things just like in the store.


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