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    I grew up in the 70’s. Sure, I smoked a joint or two. Who didn’t? I never messed with the hard stuff. Cocaine was big then it was crack. Now meth rules. It’s bad down here. This is a small town and 2-3 people get busted with meth every week. It is my understanding that when meth first came out, you had to cook it. To cook it , you got to have heat. Then somebody figured out a way to make it without cooking it.
    We got some really stupid people down here. It is so funny. About 2 months ago, there were 2 guys in a truck. They had a mobile meth lab on the back of the flat bed truck. It is common sense to tie down a load on a flat bed truck. It’s stupid not to. Well these two rocket scientists didn’t tie the load down. The leo’s saw them and pulled them over for not having the load tied down. Well, come to find out that the load was a mobile meth lab. You talk about some dumb people.LOL When I read that in the local paper, I thought, they ain’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.
    God, I don’t know why anybody would want to do meth. Man, that is a drug from hell. Years ago, I worked with crack babies. It was so sad. The mother would keep using crack and the baby was an addict when he/she was born. The baby suffered the same withdrawal signs as an adult.
    Drugs are bad down here but meth has taken the front seat.
    Back in my day, I worked the E.R. a lot. I didn’t mind it. You would see people that had tracks all over their arms.
    I don’t see it getting any better. This may a disaster in the making. And that is what we prep for, a disaster. For you people that are not familiar to drugs, tracks are the spots where you inject the drugs or as they say shoot them up. The needle makes a hole. It’s pretty easy to spot.

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