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    So there I was, sitting in the passenger seat, with my partner driving, when the car starts shaking a little bit. She says “What’s that?” and I said back, “Are you doing that with the brakes?” because she likes to creep up on people’s bumpers.

    She says, “I’m not doing that.”

    I say “Maybe it’s some bad gas – it feels like the engine is misfiring.”

    “Maybe it’s the wind? “

    “No – it’s not that windy out”

    Then she says, laughing “Maybe it’s an earthquake!”

    I say “Well, there was one in Colorado early this morning. . .”

    “Hey – we’re nowhere near Colorado!”

    By that time the car wasn’t shaking any more.

    Bbout a minute later, I get a phone call from the Future Mrs, all in a panic. She works on the sixth floor of an 80-year-old former chandelier factory, and said they were evacuated, and that her chair was sliding back and forth over the floor, and that i needed to call my parents to make sure they are OK (they live about 2 miles from her office).

    So I call mom, on her new cell phone (the landline went out last week, and with the Verizon strike, the line still hasn’t been serviced. . . so I got a cell line added to my account and gave her a phone, which she has been resisting for years. . .), and she is in the basement cleaning out a storeroom, and she says she didn’t feel a thing!

    So I guess the house is in a good spot!

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