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    Lostfalls, the sugar melts, the soap is smooth. The luffa grows like cucumbers do, I let mine grow up cattle panel. When the vine end starts to dry, I pick mine and set them to drying. I initially thought to wrap the luffa in aluminum foil but I had a “duh” moment just in time and wrapped them in wax paper and taped it instead 😉 It works decent enough. I thought about plastic wrap but I don;’t think it would hold it firm enough.

    Oh yah, the hay fields here are full of chiggers, I’m ate up from my knees to toes every hay season. It really soothes the bites and dries the sores up quick. I still like the dollar store “ice cold” stuff to burn the chiggers out with tho. It’s hard to describe the difference between what you get from this simple recipe compared to store bought soap. I actually prefer this soap over store bought, not just because I make it but because it’s such a great soap. If I didn’t like it, I’d sure make a different recipe, LOL.


    Oh yes, homemade soap is sooo much better. Thanks for the luffa tips! I am gonna give that a try – and next fall I will try it with luffa I have grown. Also good idea on the cattle panel I will also start mine next to ours.

    I am also going to give your recipe a try. Keep some for myself and send some to my aunties down south for Christmas.

    Have a super weekend!


    I see this thread started a little over 2 years ago . . .dang . . I’m always late. I did go to the site that was mentioned in the first post, but I could not find the specific recipe for soap. Does anyone have one?


    Sasha PM me – what would you like? Recipe for lye? Recipe for plain soap – fancy soap – pet soap?

    PS – I have MM’s soap recipe…….somewhere….. I made it then filed it in the depths of my soap book


    Can anyone provide a list of equipment necessary for a beginner to make soap with the cold process method?

    Thank you!

    Pedro wyoming

    @Savvy Survivalist wrote:

    Can anyone provide a list of equipment necessary for a beginner to make soap with the cold process method?

    Thank you!

    A scale that will weigh a couple of pounds.
    glass measuring bowl.
    stainless steel mixing bowl that can also be used as an ice bath to cool the lye water.
    glass cooling dishes. Can also be made of wood and lined with wax paper.
    wooden or glass stirring and mixing spoons.
    plastic will also work, but must not have metal handles.

    Generally glass is the best option. avoid cheap stainless as it is only stainless plate and the underlying metal will react poorly with soap making. Absolutely cannot be aluminum. Putting sodium hydroxide in aluminum will generate hydrogen gas. Hydrogen and lye are a very bad combination.


    An apron
    Rubber gloves
    Safety glasses & some vinegar on hand (which will neutralize lye if it gets on you and starts to itch, which is what it will do before it starts to feel like it burning).


    need to add this to my list of skills to learn. Thanks for the list of supplies.


    Thanks so much for the supply lists! Heading out this week to start getting what I need. I’m hoping to give it a try by the end of the month.

    Does anyone have a supplier that they recommend getting the ingredients from…like the essential oils, etc.?


    Mountain Rose Herbs. So far they have been the best in quality for essential oils, coconut oil, and anything special I want to add in there like shea butter.

    The olive oil I use I buy from Costco, if you want to experiment with other oils like corn, grape seed, canola, Crisco, etc… you can also pick those up cheapest at Costco or Cash and Carry.


    Bramble Berry is also a good Soap/Candle supply company. http://www.brambleberry.com/

    You can have so much fun making soap for a hobby there is so much you can do and experiment with. But remember though, for prepping purposes the saying ‘keep it simple stupid’ – you can make good soap out of lye, water, and fat. It won’t look pretty, or smell pretty – but it will work good, and chances are no one will be allergic to it. Might be worth it try a couple of real simple batches just so you know you can do it with few ingredients if you have to….


    One thing I’ve noticed over the years making soap- the cheaper quality the olive oil, the better the bubbles. Virgin olive oil is nice(expensive too) but the bubbles from it are a bit weak. Not that it doesnt clean your skin just as well tho.

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