ebola out break how soon to bug out or in??

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    this is a general question to us ri preppers. how many cases of ebloa before one decide’s to stop going to work, take kids from school, and bug in or out depending on your set up? or would proximity be more appropriate? as we know the gov doesn’t want us panicking running stores out of supplies not working etc so there going to downplay the numbers to the public. example if they say 15 cases have been found its probably more like 25 to30 etc. so how many public cases do you feel is enough to warrent going from prepping into bugout/bugin survival mode? or how close to one location do you feel warrents action? again this is just a general feel opinion question. obviously we want to do so before any martial law event starts.but not so soon as to be wrong about it being out of control.

    ps please excuse any typo’s/ grammer errors

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