"Elviskator" Chap. 2

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    “Elviskator” by Dan D. Gray 2. Motorvating
    I’d had the car dealership under surveillance for a day and a half. As soon as I finished the crackers and canned meat I’d pilfered from a convenience store a few miles back, I planned on liberating the Mid-night Blue Hummer that was proudly displayed in the large showroom window. With nothing else to do, I waited. I wanted to ensure there was no one else keeping an ‘eye on the store’, so to speak. No one had come or gone and I felt sure there was no one inside. Call it a gut feeling, but it was deathly quiet in the late August heat. As soon as I emptied the bottle of water and stowed what little gear I had unpacked, I cautiously made my way across the lot and towards a corner of the showroom that had only a door, no windows nor any other avenues of access.
    I knew that once inside, getting back out would be no problem. The Hummer was equipped with a brush guard and a ten ton winch, so after stocking up on vehicular supplies to include several cans of diesel fuel, and replacing the battery from the shop, I crashed through the showroom plate glass and was on the road back to that convenience store.
    The Hummer seemed to stop of its’ own volition and I found myself staring ahead and realized I was looking at a manmade barrier. My subconscious had halted my slow but steady progress at this sign among the landscape, barren of any humanity. A semi, with trailer was pulled across the four lanes of the road just to the other side of an intersection in front of me. The area just to this side of the road-block was empty of cars and trucks, they had been pulled or pushed so that the hoods or trunks were wedged under the trailer and closed off all gaps. I looked to either end of the blockade for passage and noticed that they were also blocked by a tangle of cars and junk. Even within the jumble of vehicles, one could see some semblance of order. Someone, or ones had taken the time to try and prevent further movement. I knew that an obstacle like this was only really effective though, if it was kept under surveillance. My eyes darted around at this thought and I wondered if I were going to be ambushed.
    I sized up the situation, figuring which vehicle I could pull out of the way with the winch at the front of the Hummer, in order to get through the barrier, and at the same time I checked the area surrounding the barricade for probable ambush sites.
    It was an elaborate barricade, with the whole intersection sealed, offering no way around, no way but to turn and go back. The empty intersection looked odd and out of place in this road that was now a parking lot. It was an unobstructed kill zone for any who decided to enter into it.
    “Definitely manmade, and definitely dangerous.” “No shit Sherlock,” I told myself as I looked to my right at a hedgerow of lodgepole pine and overgrown roadside. “That’s where I’d be,” I whispered, “on the back side of that gully.” “Well let’s go check ‘er out. Just take it slow and easy, don’t wanna get shot, do we?” “Yeah, right,” I answered myself, as I checked the load in my H&K assault rifle and climbed out of the Hummer, wishing the weapon had full automatic capabilities. I felt my back pocket for the spare key and quietly shut the door, sure the Hummer was locked. I made my way to the rear of the Hummer and stopped to scan the tree line beyond the Semi blockade with a good set of Binos that I’d liberated from the indoor shooting range and gun shop where I found the assault rifle. I knew I would have some sort of over-watch or security for the ambush site, to let them know of any approach, and sure enough, there in a makeshift tree stand, high up in a yellow pine, I spotted an individual with what appeared to be a rifle barrel poking out from behind the tree. Only something didn’t look quite right about the guy. “He’s sleeping,” I said. “No, can’t be.” “That, or he’s dead.” “Yeah that could be now. We got time to wait‘n see, we got nothing but time man.” The conversation with myself over, I settled in to wait, and continued to scan the area for any movement and listen for any tell-tale sign.
    After two full hours of no movement from the snipers nest, nor any sound but the wind, I decided to investigate the gully. My Hummer had been obscured from the ambush site, by an old, rusted Chevy truck that had T-boned a nice looking Lexus. I made my way around them and cautiously inched my way to a point where I could see into the gully without exposing myself.
    Thirty minutes later I was climbing out of the ditch and into the kill zone, wondering of the ones that had sat waiting, and if they’d had a chance to spring an ambush on an unsuspecting wanderer, but there were no signs that a firefight had taken place, no spent brass nor blood. “Perhaps the ambush was intended for one of the wild packs of dogs that were prowling the area, free of any constraints what so ever.” “Maybe, maybe not.” And I thought of the lone sniper, that I was now sure, must be dead.
    Glancing back to where the three or four had lain in wait, I concluded that it hadn’t been that long ago, and wondered if they were even still alive, or if the ‘sickness’ had forced them out. “It don’t matter much now dude, you know you want to go down there to the airport and see what’s available or who’s there, if anyone.” “Yeah bud, take it easy, we’re going, we’re going.”
    I appreciate any and all critiques, thanks

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