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    🙄 Not sure if this is where I should post, so please feel free to relocate.

    Each Christmas, I try to purchase something for EVERYONE in our household to use for preparedness. This year, one of the items was the ‘Emergency Hammer’ to slice your seat-belt off and break a window. We have two adult drivers, one teen driver @ college and one up-and-coming teen driver (in a few months). So, we each got one.

    Now … where is the best place to put this for easy reach & access in an emergency? Not the ‘glove’ box, it’s too far to reach, if your seat belt is locked into place from the accident/incident/emergency. Not everyone has a center storage box. The weight of the hammer is not conducive for putting it on the sun visor. So, I’m thinking somewhere next to the driver (mounted ON the driver door?). I’ve googled the question and not found an answer. Has anyone else put these in their cars? Where did you put it? HOW did you mount it? Thanks! -k

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