Empty 2-liter soda bottles

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    okie B

    In the spirit of the theme of this forum, I thought, why not start an item thread and ask everyone for their ideas on ways to reduce, reuse, or recycle certain items. And since there are a bunch of things to do with 2-liter pop bottles, I thought this might be a good item to start with.

    I’ll skip right over making a water pipe for nature given medicinals that are illegal in most of the states…hey, I was a kid once and haven’t been able to forget that little tidbit of knowledge. Maybe because I didn’t participate. Okay, not much. :blush: Every sinner has a future, every saint has a past.

    Probably the easiest one would be to use them for water storage. I have several bottles filled with water stashed under the sink in the bathrooms and kitchen. They came in pretty handy a week or so ago when a big water main broke here and we were without water for several hours.

    I have cut the tops off before (about two or three inches down from the curve leading to the opening) and used that as a funnel. The bottom part, I’ve used as a small plant container.

    What other ideas can we come up with?

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