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    A prepper book by Old Navy SEAL, Matt Bracken.

    The leftist Govt, has changed the Constitution at a Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia.

    Parts of the NW and Texas have said BS, the Govt brings in Troops from Eurasian Soviet Union to Tennessee, Kentucky and a couple other states, to stop the citizens of those states from rebellion.

    A massacre happens, and is covered up by leadership within theDHS home land security, and the White House. The Black President, an ex community organizer is pushing hard for this passification, before he tries to reel in the NW and Texas under the new constitution.

    This read is bitter sweet, no doubt written with the Obama admin in control. A small group make a huge difference, causing those in the military to take a stand for our nation.

    9/10 rating for me, the story line is parallel to historical events being carried out as I write this. This is jusy a possible scenario, in which our republic is possibly headed.

    If your from Louisiana, Kentucky Alabama, you will be able to pin point locations easily, for tracking strategies.

    Good book, I’ve read everything Brackens done. A great writer, and a real deal patriot. Lives in Florida, and is very vocal about the direction the US is headed. Purchased off of amazon for my kindle.


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