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    In order to preserve all of the vast knowledge that has been compiled on this website in a physical paper book form I think it should be printed out onto paper and removed from computer database, and then published and possibly sent to libraries nationwide regardless of OPSEC concerns. If the I-net goes down either temporarily or permanently, all of our accumulated knowledge will be inaccessible, and stored away and locked up in a computer somewhere and we will no longer be able to use it or refer to it or look something up that we need. I have pondered that “What if” since before becoming a member of this website. I still like and use paper. You know it is portable and you can take it any where and you don’t need electricity to read it. Paper is a renewable resource by simply recycling it and replanting trees for making paper. ALL KINDS OF PAPER! All of this “LETS GO PAPERLESS” BULL$H..T HAS TO STOP AND SOON. FOR SOME THINGS THAT MAY BE OK BUT NOT FOR EVERYTHING OR THE MOST IMPORTANT THINGS. ESPECIALLY BOOKS AND PUBLICATIONS and some other things. Ever think about what would happen if some idiot pushed and shoved his idea to go “PAPERLESS” in the bath room????? Just install my new paperless A$$ wiper. :rofl: :thumbdown: :shakeno: :huh: 🙂

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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