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    I am from Fairbanks, Alaska. I’ve been a quiet prepper for the last few years. By quiet, I mean, I don’t usually talk about it with too many people. I have two bachelor degrees (2D Animation and History). While I am artsy and usually considered girly because I am one of the few rockabilly gals in town, I also do taekwondo and crossfit constantly. I am a pretty good shot. I go hiking and camping. I have medical skills/knowledge, including knowledge on edible wild plants.

    Up here (in Alaska) we have a lot of science and military experimentation going on – “cold weather testing”. I’m worried about various pandemics and economic disaster. Yes, zombies too – but I consider that to be one of the various pandemics to be concerned about. Some lab geek is probably trying to make something like a zombie virus.

    Also, I love Elvis.

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