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    New to the forum. Not sure how much I’ll have to contribute but looking forward to learning from everyone! This may not be an original idea, but just thought I’d share.

    We live in a mobile home right now and one that’s on the smaller side. With 2 kid in a 2 bedroom place, we struggle to find space for just everyday things much less preps like food storage. But I’m pretty organized and determined so I’ve become resourceful at finding space. My current food storage is mostly in the kitchen. We have an island in the middle which we sit at for meals (bar stools), allowing us to go without a table. This freed up enough space to put some shelves (they come up about waist high; got them from Lowes; steel I think) which we use for canned goods and such.I also keep those plain tupperware bins stacked in two different corners of our bedroom for other prep storage. Toiletries are kept on a shelf in the hall making use of a very odd space that really can’t be used for much else.

    My latest delima was trying to figure out a way to store 5 gallon buckets. I managed to get some from a local bakery (they charged me but less than other sources). I also ordered some gamma lids, mylar bags and oxygen absorbers. My goal is (when budget allows) to order some buckets of wheat (got my wish list ready!) and then to get rice from the local Sams for the buckets I have. But I could’nt figure out a place to store them. Finally I got a great idea – behind our sectional couch! We put some of the empty buckets behind it and you barely even notice the gap! Not only is it out of the way but it’s not at all obvious to visitors.

    Just thought I’d share. When I first got married and moved in with my husband, I didn’t know how we’d fit all of our stuff into our small 2 bedroom mobile home. Now we have grown with 2 kids, prepping and food storage supplies to boot, etc. and I’m still finding ways to store things! I hope this provides encouragement for those in small spaces.

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