First Annual Peaceful Preppers Conference & You are Invited

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    First Annual Peaceful Peppers Conference and you are invited

    You can be part of the Oregon Coastal Safety Center regardless of where you live.

    There is no permanent community living at the Center. You can come and camp for long periods of time, but there is no permanent housing. You must provide your own housing, but there are no camping fees. You work for your camping rights.

    The Safety Center only purpose is a place to withdraw in time of economic collapse, not to build a permanent community.

    How can you participate?

    1. Attend our fall meeting at Eagle Crest Resort, Bend Oregon. There is no cost to attend. There are no fees, dues or costs to be part of the Center.
    2. Plan to visit the Center and spend time there. You can Tent Camp, 5th Wheel, or RV. It is “dry” camping along the side of the river. You can fish all you want, but you have to “pay” for you stay by working on some Self Reliance project
    3. Pick a Project you have the Skill, Talent, Attribute or Gift to complete. We have the money; we just need your time and energy.

    Freedom Through Teaching Others Self Reliance by Doing

    Fall Meeting October 30 -31 & Novermber 1 – 2

    We welcome anybody that wants to start a Peaceful Preparer Center or wants to join the Oregon Coastal Center.

    The cleared land is the Oregon Coastal Center’s 80 acres. There is one mile of river frontage. The River is 100 feet wide and there is plenty of summer and winter Steelhead and Salmon.

    We will be holding two identical Sessions this fall. One session on the weekend and one during the week. Both Sessions will be about our experiences with our Peaceful Preparer Center, our plans, our dreams, our fears, and brainstorming.

    There is no charge for either Session if you provide your own lodging. If you want to stay at the meeting resort, pricing is at our web site..

    The Oregon Coastal Peaceful Preparers ARE NOT “back to landers.” We do not want the hardships of homestead. Instead, we like our comforts and are will to prepare for them to continue. That is why we have picked the Eagle Crest Resort for our First Annual Fall Meeting. the Eagle Crest Resort has all the comforts you want in a resort.

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