First Garden Part 1: Planning

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    Quick background for those sort of new here. We recently moved from Cincinnati to NE Mississippi. In Cincy I was the moderator of Ohio Preppers Network (OHPN). And I had a huge urban garden, and a little business where I taught people how to grow vegetables. Shelly, the new moderator of OHPN, asked me to do some guest posting at OHPN about gardening. (Shelly is cool. She posts great stuff. Check out OHPN, link below.)

    Below is the link to my post over there (funny how we give direction in cyberspace) about planning your first garden. From my experiences teaching people, the biggest mistake folks make is not having a plan. That’s why people always have too damned many cucumbers. In this post I try to give some guidance to first time veggie gardeners.

    But forewarned- growing veggies is rocket science. It’s brain science. It is new and technologically advanced. If your IQ is not >200 you will fail miserably. Seeds are wildly expensive. It never rains. Pests cannot be controlled without Monsanto’s help. And if you think you can find seeds that are not genetically modified, think again.


    I exist today– January 6, 2010– because some dumb guy or gal a gazillion years ago figured out how to could plant a seed and watch it grow. If he or she can do it, so can you.

    Ohio Preppers Network:” onclick=”;return false

    First Garden Pt. 1: Planning:” onclick=”;return false

    P.S. For those experienced gardeners in an urban environment, the teaching gig is a cash cow. True to the motto of APN, “Freedom through teaching others self reliance” check this out:” onclick=”;return false

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