Flu Watch 2010-12: New Jersey

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    Flu Watch 2011-12: New Jersey

    Flu circulations seems to be starting a bit later, but it’s starting to increase now. Some states are also seeing occasional schools close. You may want to consider reviewing your cough/cold/flu supplies and stocking them NOW.


    Flu Activity Spikes In The Garden State

    Up until last week, there were very few cases of the flu being reported in Jersey this winter, but the situation is now changing.

    State epidemiologist Dr. Tina Tan says influenza activity is now classified as “moderate” – up from “low” – which is not really surprising because “what we traditionally see here in New Jersey is that around January or February is when we start to see the influenza activity kind of peak…and over the last week we’ve started to see an increase in influenza-like illness.” — CONTINUED at LINK, above —

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