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    I live in south-central Illinois, and just about everyone I know has been having problems with frozen water pipes this past week. On Saturday night, when the mercury got down to -7, I came to work the next day to discover that almost all my coworkers also had frozen pipes. I cursed our luck here locally, until I read that people in Louisiana – Louisiana! – had frozen pipe problems.

    One of the few people I know who didn’t have frozen pipes beat the cold by having expanding foam insulation sprayed underneath his house, against the inner foundation walls, by a contractor. Home & Garden online and other sources describe this as the preferred method of insulating the underside of a house, because the expansion as the material dries fills all the little nooks and crannies, and absolutely seals everything.

    The only downside is the cost: a thousand bucks for my friend’s house. I figure at least half the cost of this was labor. So I’ve been trying to find out where one can purchase the larger canisters of expanding foam – not those little cans for doors and windows you get at the hardware store, but the big tanks (about large fire-extinguisher size, I think) size. I’m not sure I’d pay a grand for somebody to do the job for me, but I’d pay half that for materials so I could do the job myself.

    Anybody know where you purchase large tanks or canisters of expanding foam?

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