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    Dark Jester

    We are looking for new members to join a Preparedness/Survivalist network based around Tarrant/Parker/Johnson/Palo Pinto/Hood and Erath Co’s in north Texas.

    Those interested should be familiar or open to an OPSEC-focused group. Trust and Security is essential. Candidates can be new to Preparedness and Survival, but should be willing to learn new skills. Experienced members are encouraged to contribute.

    We are not a Militia, but firearms proficiency is considered a key element.

    The meetings have an organized format so that everyone is given an opportunity to contribute. Meetings consist of sharing information, conducting demonstrations and product reviews. We think drinking beer and BBQ’ing should be an integral component to end a good meeting or training session as we believe hard work deserves a reward. But, we are not looking for those that just want to party.

    Those that wear a tin foil hat need not respond…

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