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    I have a little different need, so would appreciate any suggestions you good folks could offer.

    My job requires me to travel by air anywhere from 500 miles to 3000 miles from home every week. Always within the US or Canada. Canada very infrequently. I want to put together a get home bag suitable for me to keep in my checked airline baggage. I’m thinking something the size of a fanny pack, or slightly larger. Space and weight are issues.

    Since I will have to have a car to get home from that far away let’s start off assuming I have a rental car in my possession when things turn sour. I usually do.

    My starter list is:

    1. Cash and maybe some gold and/or silver coins.
    2. Water filter.
    3. Rain gear.
    4. Comfortable socks.
    5. Small first aid kit including stuff for blisters (in case I do end up walking).
    6. Candles (for keeping the car warm in the winter if I have to shut down the motor for an extended period).
    7. ????

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