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    I just found out about this site from another- spent a bit of time going thru the site.
    I’m isn southern AZ- I have been doing my own prepping for about 1 1/2 years- the uncertain time that we live in! I have a lot to learn. I quit my job about a month ago- and now I will be looking more seriously about simplifying our life. We are down sized to only one child at home- three out of the nest. However in my prepping I try to prep for more than 3 as you don’t know what the future will bring.I’ve made my own soap-sporadically- will be doing on a reg. basis. Have my grain grinder and such- have to get my husband to get to like whole wheat pasta- I would be interested in hearing from those others on the forum. esp from S. AZ and S NM.

    My thanks to whoever starting this forum

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