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    I’ve been a lurker here for a longtime and finally ready to share my knowledge with everyone. I’ve been in international work for 30 plus years, I’ve been an advisor to U.S. Army NORTHCOM (Defense Support of Civilian Authority-DSCA), I’ve worked with FEMA and other agencies too. Over the years, I’ve learned what governments can and can’t do. Further, I’ve taught classes to several NGO groups on topics of SERE and prepping. What I hope to do here is to learn and lend my experience to others.

    As most people here know, you can’t rely of our government to save you. You can breakdown every scenario to survive but it can be complicated. HAVE A FLEXIBLE PLAN! I believe in “Forewarned is Forearmed” every person should be in tune with Open Source Intelligence. There is so much information on the web; from solar activity, earthquakes, weather, public unrest, worldwide military actions, economy, etc.. The big question is what you should do in each event… mostly be prepared to act. I’ll find a niche on APN to post my thoughts and share my experiences… Suggestions?

    Illini Warrior

    As most people here know, you can’t rely of our government to save you.

    question is do you TRUST the likes of FEMA to do what is right for US citizens >>> agreed that the vast majority become preppers because they know the 72 Hour response and the World returns is a 100% FEMA Farce ….

    I see a whole lot of indoctrination, power trips and punch bowl sippers after taking CERT type classes – “I’d be in charge because I know more and I have the authority !!”

    I always read as much about the official gooberment response as possible in people’s personal After Action Reports >>>> damn interesting sometimes what they think is permissable ….


    I agree with you completely. DSCA trains that FEMA is just about useless in any long term national event. In fact, DCSA trains for regional level where FEMA is overwhelmed. My philosophy is pretty simple, have your own resources and skills. A person has to know which way the wind is blowing… prepare and be ready to execute the plan.

    Illini Warrior

    I always point out that FEMA has never been tested for a nationwide disaster – EVER – rarely gets tested for partial regional disasters without a week or more forwarning & run-up period …

    add in – that all kinds of transportation is usually available to the disaster zone – chip in the military and national guard that wouldn’t be available under a military threat associated SHTF …

    I don’t see FEMA or anything FED related into the more rural US areas for maybe a month – any kind of meaningful support for several months after that >>>> could be one SOBing winter if it hits during that season ….


    Welcome, Harry. It sounds as if you’ll have some valuable insights to share.

    And, I agree…FEMA is just about useless for any long term national event. Heck, they can’t even handle a regional event without screw-ups – look at Katrina as an example.

    I don’t trust the government and/or government organizations to do what’s best for people. Remember, the scariest words in the English language are:
    “We’re from the government, and we’re here to help.”


    I’ve been to several disasters and I can tell you definitively that the NGO’s provided more support than FEMA. In Moore, OK non-profit groups and non-affiliated volunteers provided food, shelter and demolition quicker than FEMA. FEMA did get shelters up an running but not before church organizations did. My son and his fiance volunteered at Moore within 24 hours and stayed at a church for several months. Groups like the Cajun Navy have done tremendous work in rescue efforts after hurricanes saving lives… no thanks to FEMA. I use a this statement while working with DSCA… “ALL disasters start locally and end locally”. In every disaster I’ve witnessed the people who survived, prepared in advance, had a plan and with intelligence evacuated. Here is a thought to take home and kind of a joke in FEMA… “Shelter in Place”. After 9/11 FEMA pushed having duct tape and plastic sheeting to seal up your doors and windows. Basically, this was so FEMA could have accountability for DOA’s but also because they knew it would be impossible for them to provide shelters. I will say that FEMA does well with training and getting the word out for at least being prepared for 72 hours. They also do pretty well the urban search and rescue teams but don’t have enough of them.

    Parting thought for anyone… take advantage of free FEMA training, volunteer with an organization to learn about the dynamics of disasters. Also learn from history, read about how people survived during the great depression and other disasters and how people died.

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