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    OK, Lemon has a good point, and so that I can get a feel for things in the forum, what do you guys want to know? What do you know? It would be nice to have a bit of a feel for experience levels. I do minor gunsmithing, own a broad spectrum of stuff, and have a full time gunsmith on speed dail! I know that some are just starting out and want basics, some are more advanced. Here are my personal fav’s as far as my weapons.

    For carry a S&W Model 28 HWY Patrolman, 357 with 4inh barrel, looks like a fire breathing dragon at night shoots! Bullets will vary to match situation as much as possible. Will I be in town, or the back country where the grizz bears pop out and say hello!

    KEL TEC P3AT 380 I LOVE the Hornady critical defense in this little gun. I have had it covered in pocket lint, dirt and all fouled up and have never had a fail to feed or fire issue. Also the critical defense ammo has yet to let me down in my own tests of shooting through everything from t-shirts to heavy winter clothes like I would encounter here.

    Home defense-Mossberg 500 12 ga. I cannot say enough about this shotgun! I own two, a defense model and field model. I have NEVER had a problem, this gun is almost private proof as you can get. For my home defense I use #4 Buck, 3in FEDERALS. They have just outperformed all others in penetration going through dywall, and doors. I also carry slugs in the side siddle. It is getting a light and aimpoint soon. Another reason this weapon is so great is that I can put a scoped and rifled 24 in. slug barrel on it, or even a black powder. So you can mix it up. Even here in Montana I find some shotgun only places, and most will not deal with it, so I do!

    For my Long range or tac work I use a Remington 700 in 308 win with a 3X9 scope, bipod, and I use a Fiocchi 165 grain extrema ammo, or load my own when I can. The bullet used in my loads and Fiocchis is the sierra HPBT GameKing. Frankly, to engage a human, a GK would work, but I do recall the rules of land warefare calling for a match grade round!

    Love some feed back and hear about what your favs are!

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