Good weekend to stop in clearfield , PA.

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    “March Madness” Clearfield , PA. MArch 19-20-21. at “Bobs Army Navy”,”Grice Gunshop”( Also Grice museum will open, antigue vehicles and wild game taxiderny mounts to see, including the 1940 lincoln continental used in the godfather movies) Jim’s Sports Center and Guns and Shootign supplies R’ Us. will all have sales going on on any outdoor supliees you would want.

    Bob’s army NAvy(Guns, Gun equipment and accesories, Archery, Camping, Hiking, Fishing and Military surplus gear and boots etc. will be on sale)

    Grice Gunshop(Outdoor and hunting clothes and boots, guns of all types except military surplus,(They do have Ar-15’s and such though that are newly manufactured) Accesories, reloading stuff.) Factory representatives will be here for this one to answer customer questions.

    Jims’ Sports center(Archery Equipment, Orvis fly fishing stuff and other fishing supplies on sale)

    Guns and shooting supplies R. US.(guns including surplus military, antique etc.)

    Good chance to get the paws on outdoors stuff , biggest sale of the year for all the above stores. 8) :thumbsup:

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