Governor accuses legislators of creating fear about college

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    It’s all over the news down here. The state is thinking about cutting the university system by $300,000,000.00. This will kill the university system. What the hell are they thinking? This is stupid. The only way the college system in Ga can take that big of a cut is to make drastic decisions. Teacher layoffs will be huge. Classroom head counts will double if not triple. The recession has hit hard down here. A college up the road has shut down 2 or 3 satellite campuses. Sure enrollment is down but sooner or later we will come out of this recession. i believe we already have but the numbers that the feds us trail 6 months behind. Education is the most important tool that you have. We already have a shortage of teachers and this will make it worse. When I was in college, the professors were wonderful. They would take time to help you in hard spots. If this passes, those days are over. They probably already are. My favorite professor was an anatomy and physiology professor. She was about six months pregnant when I started the class. She was hard but she was good. She got a 2D echo machine into the lab and let us watch her baby kicking. That is what teaching is about. It’s more than lectures and books. She expected you to do your best. She demanded it. She gave us a test one day. The test had a cover page and another page behind it. The second page had one had one simple statement: name all the bones in the body. I hope with all my heart that this bill does not pass. If it does, I will find out who voted for it and not vote for them.

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