Guns and Robes — article on USSC case

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    I’ve been waiting for the OBA to get this journal posted online so I could share this article. They have the entire journal in a pdf format, so I’m not sure how to get just the article, but I figured I could at least post this much and someone with a little bit more computer savvy can do the rest if they so choose.

    The article is called ‘Guns and Robes’ by Michael Salem, and is found about page 107. The article discusses the recent Heller decision from the United States Supreme Court. I know a lot of it is dense and argues a lot of semantics, but hey, that’s the practice of law for you.

    What I found particularly interesting about this case is the fact that for years, legal analysts and pundits have said that the USSC would never take on a guns rights case because of the fervent polarity of public opinion regarding the issue. The fact that a Second Amendment case actually was granted certiorari says A LOT about the current political climate (in my opinion). What this means long-term and how it will affect each individual’s personal right is debateable, but the fact that the issue is actually beginning to be addressed means we will probably be hearing more about it in the near future.

    Ideas? Opinions? Bueller?

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