HAIR CARE: Cleaning & Cutting

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    <span style=”color: #800080″>Note: I searched and only found (1) topic on ‘Hair’ and that was about shaving.</span>

    So what are you doing about this area of prepping? Scissors? Multiple Scissors? Shampoo? Conditioner? Bandannas to cover it up? Have the skill & plan on setting up shop?

    I’m storing shampoo and emptying individual bottles into large gallon sized vinegar bottles, after they are empty. I remove the label from the vinegar bottle and then tape label from the shampoo on the bottle for easy identification.

    The vinegar bottles are thick & sturdy for the heavy shampoo/conditioner. They have a handle. They hold a lot (1 gallon).

    Other thing to consider is when you empty your smaller bottles into the larger one, this eliminates future TRASH! Get rid of all those little bottles now, while you still have trash pick up.

    When the gallon jugs full of shampoo/conditioner are empty you will now have another ‘water’ storage bottle after it’s been cleaned, too.

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    Decades ago woman only washed their hair once a month but, dang, that’s just plain nasty! No wonder they wore those scarfs and bonnets. Do you think it was their answer to birth control?

    Seriously, I can’t envision us going more than a week without scrubbing our heads but we’ll also need to consider the precious resources that job consumes. So, will you shorten your long tresses to save water and shampoo?


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    One of the things I have stored a lot of: shampoo & conditioner. I take the individual store-bought bottles and dump them into larger vinegar bottles, that I save. The large jugs with the handles. I take the labels of my smaller bottles and tape them on the bigger vinegar bottles (using clear packing tape I get at the dollar stored. I tape ALL THE WAY AROUND the jug, in case the tape comes loose. I actually tape a 2-3 of labels on the jug, so they can be seen from different angles, depending on how they are put on my shelf.

    Emptying the smaller bottles gets rid of those bottles NOW, while there is still trash pick up and I can store MORE in less space, as well.

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