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    First of all Happy New Year to all here on AP!

    As I came inside to have another cup of coffee this morning, I think about this website and how I enjoy coming here to read the latest posts. I think this is the place where the few sane people on earth hang out now. I wonder sometimes are we the few people with a little common sense a dying breed?
    My wife and I were talking this morning about the current generation and the past and future ones. My wife babysits in our home and has for quite some time, so we have watched first hand the demise of family values.
    Back when we were children, our parents kept us under their watchful eyes every minute possible and steered us in the right direction by whatever means necessary. If they went anywhere they took us along if at all possible. They done this to make sure we were safe and to teach us the right things in life. My wife and I tried to raise our children in the same way. But now days it is absolutely comical and so sad at the same time how these young families value family. Some examples from just this morning, ” I need You to watch my child today, I’m off work and want to go shopping, and I can’t shop and lug a child around with me.” Another, ” Are You keeping kids today?, We are off work today and we need a sitter cause we are gonna go out to eat and maybe go bowling for a while.” And as I’m typing this call just came, “Can You watch my kid for a few hours, I have to run into town and get all the stuff for a New Years party we are throwing tonight. You wouldn’t be interested in sitting tonight would You? I’ve got to find someone to keep him tonight during the party.”
    Am I the onlyone that thinks this is all just assinine? And We wonder why the world is in the shape it is now. Just yesterday in our neighboring town a pickup truck was stolen, involved in a fairly long chase and crash. The driver was captured at the crash and the passenger fled the scene with a gun. The passenger was later surrounded and caught, luckily no one was shot. Now the good part, THE DRIVER WAS 10yrs old and the passenger with the gun was 14yrs old. Want to tell me again how well these parent now days raise their kids?
    At the rate the morals of this world are dropping, I almost shed a tear to see another new year start. How long can thing keep declining? We have to be so politically correct about everything now that we are just shooting ourselves in the foot. All You have to do is open an eye and You can see where a lot of the problems in this world are. But if You say anything You might offend someone, or it might not be politically correct, or it’ll be racist, and so on so we just keep closing our eyes and looking away hoping it will get better. Well at some point some of us are going to have to wake up and speek up if it offends or not, or else it’s all gonna keep going down hill like a snowball.
    Anyway it’s my hope for the New Year that We can all realize the importance of family and raising our children right. And maybe somehow some of us can learn to keep our eyes open and open our mouths and make a difference.

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