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    okie B

    I’m sure hubby and I are like thousands and/or millions of others out there. We own a house with central heat and air. If the electricity goes out, so does the heat and air. We have a fireplace, but it lets in almost more cold air than it provides warmth when we run it, so we don’t use it often. It is not feasible to install a woodstove or really any other heating alternative that I can think of at this time. But if the electricity goes out in the winter (as it often seems to in our ice storms), bundling up may take care of us for a short while, but not long term, and it doesn’t do anything to help keep our stored food and water and pipes from freezing.

    I’ve seen propane space heaters for camping, and I’ve considered getting one for just such a contingency. Of course, then we have to store propane as well (we do store some, but not a tremendous amount).

    So what kinds of creative alternative heating plans have you all come up with? Yes, this is a blatant request for me to be able to pick your brains of the best of the best ideas….

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