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    greetings from MN!

    I’ve found myself to be quite alone in an idea like this, as all my friends and even those I know generations older than me have nowhere near similar priorities in life as me — so it’s nice to find a community with some like minded individuals! As of now it’s just a pie-in-the-sky dream,,, and myself just a dreamer,,, as i got much slavin & savin to do before Im capable of buying land,, and possibly some renewable energy sources/transportation for my proposed farm… but I find it’s what keeps me going most days at work. I don’t know if I’m just paranoid or what… but the more I think about it the sooner I feel I need to just buy some land and make a tent and start from there,, :nuke: :nuke: ,, but let’s hope 2012 is just another year,,,,

    looking forward to conversing and sharing ideas

    keep it ez :thumbup:


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