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    A little about me. I’m a single mom, been focused on food storage for 2 plus years now. Been also working my way into learning survival techniques, things that really matter here in the desert like finding water, food in nature, hunting, and meat preservation. I didn’t have time last year for a garden and was mostly successful the year before that, so I will go back to gardening this year and learn to save seeds and maybe do some canning. For the most part, I’m a Libertarian or maybe I’m more referred to as a Republitarian, since I’m very pro-military and a gun toting fool. I have a bachelor’s in homeland security and served 13 years between 2 militaries. I primarily wanted to use my education to educate others and communities on the importance of situational awareness, responsibility, and self-reliance. I’m here to connect with like people and learn what I can, there are those, including some family members, who call me paranoid for changing to an all-hazard preparedness view. It’s better to have the knowledge and supplies and never use it (or rather rotated), rather than not prepare for any event and leave myself and my son hanging in a life-threatening balance.

    A year supply of food goes a long way if you become subject to a RIF and cannot find work, at least you can eat!

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