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    Hello All,

    Please allow me to introduce myself; I am Ken a.k.a. kilogulf59 from Juneau County Wisconsin and I thank you for allowing me to join this most exceptional forum.

    For a bit about me, I am just an average middle-aged gent who is interested in integrated close combat methods with and without weapons, general and reasonable preparedness, and all things of that nature. In addition, I maintain a great fondness for history, the written word, and little hunting and fishing tossed in as well.

    For an insight into my mindset and therefore my thought process, personally I believe in simplicity and the common sense approach in all areas, to include preparedness and confrontational management. It is my express opinion that true combat is not esoteric nor is it convoluted…it is unpretentious, fleeting, and extremely brutal and that man is THE weapon, everything else is simply an object. As founder and administrator of the Integrated Close Combat Forum, which is a free and nonprofit site dedicated to the education of the layperson and professional-at-arms alike, I have striven to emphasize this methodology.

    I will tell you that I am significantly influenced by the teachings of some of the true innovators in the Combatives field. “Shooting to Live” is my Old Testament and “Kill Or Get Killed” my New Testament, so to speak and no blasphemy intended. Of course, that would make Lt. Col. Fairbairn, Maj. Sykes, Col. Applegate, Col. Askins, Col. Jordan, S.A. Brice, Maj. Grant-Taylor, et al, the disciples should I maintain the religious analogy.

    As far as my personal background is concerned, I was born and raised in Chicago so, by default, I unfortunately learned a little “confrontational management” the hard way; on the streets, mainly in what not to do…like bleed. My training experience includes Modern Arnis, Miyama Ryu Jujutsu, and FSA style combatives. Formal handgun education was initially through the Chicago P.D. Explorer Program in my youth, later as an adult I attended classes taught by a retired Chicago P.D. Firearms, NRA Certified, and Chapman Academy Instructor and the FSA combat shooting skills that I have learned on my own and with the guidance of a few select instructors in the field.

    My current maxim of choice is “REMEMBER – What works for you may not, necessarily, work for me. Keep an open mind!” and I do believe this.

    That’s about it for now as I am certain I have bored you lone enough. I am here to learn and exchange thoughts, techniques, and methodologies, though I am sure, I will glean more from you than the inverse – Thank You.

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