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    I just joined up to CT preppers.. Hoping to learn more about this and also to Connect with folks from CT who are growing there own food, into permaculture, eating locally and foraging or want to learn.. 30 plus years organic gardener, forager, naturalist. Teaching my Son and his friends wild edibles and herbs. Will be teaching them some basic survival skills as I learn them as soon as Spring unfolds. I am also involved in the Sleeping Giant State park as a Hike leader for easy Nature hikes , plant, insect, bird, and small reptiles and amphibian ID hikes.


    Welcome cityhomesteader – we can really use your knowledge, experience and skills here! we are very glad to have you!


    Thanks Kymber,
    Looking forward to posting and reading others posts…


    Well the New year is going to start off with a good covering of what we CT yankees call Poormans fertilizer.
    I am busy browsing the catalogs and trying to order OP vegetables and fruits for me 2010 garden.
    What are you all doing?


    cityhomesteader – we will all be partying it up in the forum chatroom – there’s an announcement in the New Members Thread – go have a look! we’d love to see you there!


    Welcome Cityhomesteader! I used to live in Groton for a few years.

    Cash Only

    Hello All …
    Just joined the forum this evening, and like what I see so far. 😎 Me and my Son currently live in East Hartford, although the construction of a new homestead on 10+ secluded acres is underway South and East of here 😉 Looking forward to reading what others have to say regarding preparedness for civil unrest, which may or may not be coming in the near future. We are somewhat “prepped” with regards to food storage and firearms … still need more work on “self sufficiency” skills.
    See ye’all around the boards 🙂



    Hey CO,
    Nice area of the Stae a little pricey for me. (c:
    I’m in wally world.



    Cash Only

    Well thank you for all for the warm welcomes. Look forward to settling in 🙂

    a little pricey for me

    You consider East Hartford “pricey” cityhomesteader? Actually it’s a relatively inexpensive town to live in considering the services, real estate values, and proximity to the city (if you ever want, or choose to go there 😉 ). With a CL&P right of way and stream behind my home … I could easily harvest white tail deer from my back yard deck, unfortunately there is absolutely no hunting allowed in town at all!
    The new homestead site is a different story 😀




    Welcome Cityhomesteader!


    thanks for the warm welcome folks.. I see a lot of you are from other states as well. Raise your hand? How many are from CT and would like to put our heads together and figure out what we can do to form some sort if a community here in the State of Conn-fussion..

    I’m a wildcrafter/forager/organic gardener.. Don’t hunt but would love to barter for meat with skills and wildcrafting and foraging.


    So, is CT a ranch in Montana? Just kidding…….


    LOL Uvajed,
    Wouldn’t know what to do with that Montana land (c: Born and raised Connecticut stump jumpin swamp Yankee back about 10 or more generations..


    Hey wornout,
    You left groton for Mississippi? Must not have like the fast pace (c:

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